Joint-It Fine Weed Resistant Natural Sand for Brick Paving


Joint-It Fine NEUTRAL

Weed Resistant Natural Sand for Brick Paving


  • Ready-to-use
  • Quick, sweep-in application
  • Weed Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Non-polymer 100% Natural Raw Materials
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Staining
  • Water Permeable
  • Certified Environmentally Friendly
  • Coverage

    Each bag of Joint-It Fine will cover approximately 10m² of brick/block paving where the joints are less than 3mm wide.

  • Precautions For Use

    Always test a small hidden portion of the surface before use to ensure appearance and performance is acceptable. Suitable for lightly loaded surfaces (up to 3.5 tonnes).

    Joint-It Fine should be applied in dry weather conditions at temperatures above 2°C.

    Joint-It Fine should only be used with block/brick paving laid on a water-permeable base with joints under 3mm wide.

  • Application Instructions

    Sweep sand into clean and dry joints.

    Compact sand into joints using a vibrator / whacker plate.

    Use a leaf blower to remove excess sand from the top of the surface.

    Wet paving with a light, fine spray and wait 5-10 minutes. Then thoroughly soak the paving.

  • Surface Preparation

    Ensure that surface is clean and dry before opening the bag.

    You will need a compactor/wacker plate and a leaf blower to complete the application of

  • Joint-It® Fine.


Store product, including open bags, in a dry place. Product does not cure/harden on contact with air. Product will be adversely affected by storage in damp conditions.

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